Catastrophic Injuries in the Workplace

New London County Industrial Work Accident Attorneys

When you or a loved one has been catastrophically injured in the workplace, it is important to consult an attorney who has handled these kinds of cases before — it’s going to be a tough road.

At Anderson Law Firm, P.C., our goal is to show compassion and minimize annoyance to you and your family: from getting authorization for medical treatments and prescriptions to making sure you are fully compensated for your injuries.

Contact our New London County industrial work accident lawyers today to discuss your work accident claims.

Connecticut Work Accident Claim Lawyers

Your employer is liable to pay workers’ compensation benefits, sometimes referred to as “workman’s compensation”. The workers’ comp system is difficult to navigate — we will walk you through the process from start to finish.

In addition to workers’ compensation, you may have other claims against your employer or third parties that contributed to the industrial work accident in which you were severely injured.

Work accidents that cause severe injuries can be caused by:

  • Defective machinery and equipment
  • Structural problems
  • Failure to abide by safety and OSHA regulations
  • Negligent subcontractors
  • Other unsafe work practices

We have the ability and resources to take these complicated cases on from beginning to end. For example, we have handled issues for large, internationally known corporations and our attorneys are currently handling four cases arising out of a recent large natural gas explosion at a Connecticut plant. We have also successfully handled cases involving industrial explosions that cause severe burns and disfigurement.

Factory Injury Law Firm, Norwich, Connecticut — Passion, Commitment, Community

Our personal injury attorneys have been serving Eastern Connecticut since 1967. Our firm was built around fostering the personnel, technology, resources and experience necessary to handle personal injury cases arising out of industrial work accidents, which are usually very complex in nature.

To discuss your job injury with an attorney call us at 860.886.8845 or contact our Connecticut work accident claim attorneys online to schedule a free initial consultation with one of our lawyers. You pay no attorneys’ fees unless we are able to obtain a verdict or settlement in your case. We are available for hospital and in-home visits and look forward to hearing from you.