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Defective Machinery And Equipment

Eastern Connecticut attorneys representing workers injured due to unsafe workplace environments

Cutting corners to save money at the expense of safety can have disastrous consequences, particularly in an industrial environment. Dangerous or defective machinery can cause catastrophic injuries, resulting in heavy medical costs, loss of earning power, and other financial impacts.

When a company puts their bottom line above their employees’ safety, their entire workforce is at risk. In pursuing claims involving dangerous or defective equipment and machinery, Anderson Trial Lawyers is committed not just to getting you fair compensation, but also to protecting those in our community from unsafe work environments.

More Than Just Workers’ Comp

Workers’ compensation will offer some financial relief for injuries sustained at work. However, it only covers two-thirds of your normal wages. This sum is often not enough to cover the medical bills resulting from an injury, and it certainly doesn’t compensate you for your pain and suffering and other financial impacts.

If your injuries were caused by an unsafe work environment — such as the use of dangerous, outdated, or broken machinery and equipment — you may be entitled to additional damages beyond workers’ compensation. However, it’s important that you pursue a claim as quickly as possible, since preservation of evidence is crucial to the success of product liability claims.

Building Your Case

We have successfully handled cases arising out of several industrial accidents. Our firm has the necessary resources and knowledge of relevant government and industry regulations — including HAZMAT, OSHA and fire code safety measures — to successfully handle your claim.

We often enlist the knowledge of machinery or equipment experts when investigating the details of your accident. Their findings can serve as key evidence in a trial, or persuade the responsible party to offer a reasonable settlement.