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Drunk Driving Accidents

Eastern Connecticut attorneys representing claims against drunk drivers and negligent parties

Drunk driving accidents are tragic not just for the injuries and deaths they cause, but also because they are one of the most preventable types of motor vehicle accidents. Moreover, the responsibility to prevent someone from driving while intoxicated can fall on parties other than the driver.

Connecticut’s dram shop law says that anyone who serves alcohol to an intoxicated person can be held financially liable for the injuries or deaths that the intoxicated person causes in an ensuing car accident. However, in order to recover damages, it must first be established that the drunk driver was visibly intoxicated when they were given more alcohol by a bar, restaurant, liquor store, or party host.

Anderson Trial Lawyers partners with our own network of trusted private investigators to create a timeline of events leading up to a drunk driving crash. Using bar tabs, restaurant bills, credit card statements, and eyewitness interviews, we create a clear picture of how much alcohol the drunk driver consumed, when they were served, and who provided this alcohol.

Determining The Financial Impact Of A Drunk Driving Accident

In order to ensure that our clients receive compensation proportional to their losses, our attorneys work with medical economists and life care planners to quantify the financial impact of a drunk driving accident on your life. We take into account costs associated with medical treatments, physical therapy, medical equipment, lost wages, and diminished quality of life.

In personal injury cases involving drunk drivers, victims can recover damages from both the driver’s insurer and the party responsible for serving them alcohol. Connecticut’s law states that a bar, restaurant, liquor store, or party host can be ordered to pay up to $250,000 in damages per accident if they served a visibly intoxicated driver.

This means there is a cap on the amount of damages a negligent bar or restaurant must pay. Therefore, it is crucial to investigate these claims quickly and extensively to determine if others may be responsible or if the actions of the party serving the alcohol rise to a level of recklessness, eliminating the cap on damages.

How We Can Help

Anderson Trial Lawyers has the experience and resources to hold negligent bars, restaurants, liquor stores, and party hosts financially responsible for serving intoxicated people who kill or injure others. If you have been injured or lost a loved one in a drunk driving accident, contact us today at 860.886.8845 or by email to schedule a free consultation to discuss your case.