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Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

Attorneys working to protect Eastern Connecticut seniors from abuse and neglect

We rely on nursing homes to provide quality care for our parents and other aging loved ones. Unfortunately, the residents in these facilities can sometimes be the victims of abuse or neglect. Factors such as shrinking budgets, underpaid staff, insufficient training, and lack of compliance with applicable regulations can create an environment where abuse and neglect is more likely.

Anderson Trial Lawyers will fight passionately for your elderly parent or close relative if they have suffered from nursing home abuse or neglect. We know that holding those responsible to account not only helps to restore your loved ones’ rights and dignity, but also serves to protect against the mistreatment of others.

Examples Of Elder Abuse

Examples of abuse and neglect caused by caregivers includes:

  • Physical or sexual abuse
  • Being left unattended
  • Errors in administering medications
  • Inadequate nutrition, hydration, or sanitation
  • Bedsores and other infections caused by lack of care

How We Can Help

Our trial attorneys know that when abuse and neglect occurs, there is often a trail of past complaints and violations. When representing you, we work to uncover this evidence to support your claim. We are also familiar with state and federal laws that are relevant to nursing homes.

We use our knowledge and investigative skills to seek justice for your loved ones and protect them against the feelings of helplessness that come with being abused and neglected in their place of residence.