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Distracted Driving Accidents

Eastern Connecticut attorneys representing drivers and passengers injured in distracted driving accidents

Driver distraction can come in many forms. Things as simple as changing the radio station or reaching for a cup of coffee can cause a person to take their attention off the road and result in a serious car crash.

Cell phones have proved to be a major source of distraction on the roads, and advances in technology have only added to the problem. Crashes can be caused not only when someone chooses to make a call or send a text message while driving, but also when they try to use an app on their smartphone.

Anderson Trial Lawyers has extensive experience handling injury claims involving all types of distracted driving. We work to prove that the responsible driver was distracted at the time of the crash, and to get you fair compensation for the injuries or losses you suffered as a result.

Connecticut’s Distracted Driving Law

Connecticut law prohibits anyone from using any handheld mobile electronic device while operating a motor vehicle. Drivers ages 18 and older may talk on the phone while driving, but only if they are using a hands-free device. Drivers under the age of 18 cannot use the phone while driving, even hands-free.

How We Can Help

Our attorneys fully investigate each auto claim, including analyses of phone records and pictures from red light cameras at intersections, to determine whether a phone or other distraction was a factor in the crash. This evidence is a useful tool when negotiating with insurance companies or arguing a case to a jury.

The public has gained a significant appreciation for just how dangerous distracted driving is. When we can prove that the driver who injured you was distracted, we can make your claim quite strong. This also encourages insurance companies to offer a fair settlement to avoid going to trial.