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Verdicts and Settlements

For more than 50 years, Anderson Trial Lawyers has been advocating for eastern Connecticut residents in personal injury and wrongful death claims. The following is a partial list of verdicts and settlements we have won on behalf of our clients.

Disclaimer: Past results are no indication or guarantee as to the value or results likely to be obtained in any present or future claims.

Products Liability

  • Confidential settlement of a complex products liability case where the plaintiff suffered severe burns and disfigurement due to a borane-based chemical explosion in an industrial setting
  • Confidential settlement against Toyota
  • $2 million settlement in a products liability case against the foreign manufacturer and distributor of a contaminated over-the-counter sleep aid. A 57-year-old gentleman, a former Boston Marathon runner, became wheelchair dependent following the use of this product.
Products Liability

Premises Liability

  • $1.8 million jury verdict (resulting in a $2.5 million settlement) for a veterinarian who fractured his right ankle in three places after slipping and falling on ice located near the entrance of a local motel
  • $375,000 settlement from a slip and fall incident which occurred within the common parking/driveway area of an apartment complex due to the accumulation of snow and ice
  • $325,000 settlement for a 27-year-old woman injured when her apartment door fell on her head as she was leaving her apartment
  • $237,500 settlement for a slip and fall incident on government property that resulted in injuries to the plaintiff’s lower back and right upper extremity
  • $75,000 settlement in a claim against the Mohegan Tribal Gaming Authority on behalf of a 40-year-old woman injured when the front door of a slot machine fell open onto her knee
Premises Liability

Industrial Accidents

  • Confidential settlements in multiple personal injury and emotional distress claims resulting from the explosion of natural gas in an industrial settlement
Industrial Accidents

Construction Site Accidents

  • $1 million settlement for a construction worker who suffered a traumatic brain injury when he was hit in the head by a metal stud that fell from the second floor of a building
  • $300,000 settlement for a construction worker who suffered a torn rotator cuff when he slipped and fell on a local school building project.
  • $133,000 settlement for a construction worker who suffered a shoulder dislocation and rotator cuff tear when a chimney collapsed and fell on him.
Construction Site Accidents

Workers’ Compensation Claims

  • $750,000 settlement for a contractor injured on a job site when an unsupported roof truss fell onto him
  • $282,000 settlement for a 63-year-old man who suffered a back injury due to a work-related slip and fall on ice
  • $249,000 settlement for a 59-year-old woman with neck and back injuries due to a work-related slip and fall on cleaning solution
  • $185,000 settlement for a 44-year-old man with neck and shoulder injuries due to a work-related fall
  • $162,000 settlement for a 55-year-old man with neck, shoulder, lower back, and hip injuries due to a work-related slip and fall
  • $300,000 settlement for a 43-year old woman who suffered a knee injury at work which turned into complex regional pain syndrome.
  • $258,000 settlement for a 55-year old man who suffered a finger amputation at work which turned into complex regional pain syndrome rendering him unable to work.
  • $275,000 settlement for a 35-year old woman who suffered a back injury
    at work requiring multiple surgeries.
  • $180,000 settlement for a 44-year old man who suffered elbow, knee and back injuries in a fall from a ladder. Employer contested the case claiming he was an independent contractor and back injury was pre-existing.
Workers’ Compensation

Wrongful Death Claims

  • $250,000 settlement for the estate of a woman who died after allegedly jumping from her boyfriend’s moving vehicle
Wrongful Death

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