If A Dog Bites Or Knocks Down A Person, Is The Dog Owner Liable For Lost Wages And Pain And Suffering?

In Connecticut, dog owners are strictly liable for the damages caused if their dog bites or causes injury to someone, as long as that person was not trespassing, tormenting, or teasing the dog.

When the plaintiff is an adult, animal owners may offer the defense that the actions of the plaintiff provoked the animal. For example, the owner may avoid responsibility if they can show that the plaintiff approached, petted, or talked to an animal despite a clear warning. However, this defense is not available if the plaintiff is a child.

Once strict liability has been established, a plaintiff must establish the amount of damages the animal owner must pay. The plaintiff should introduce evidence, such as doctor or hospital bills, to show how much it has cost to treat the injury. In addition, the plaintiff may be able to recover lost wages if the injury kept the plaintiff out of work. The plaintiff is also entitled to compensation for any permanent disability caused by the injury, as well as compensation for pain and suffering.