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A catastrophic injury is serious enough to leave a person permanently disabled, affecting their ability to earn a livelihood and do the activities they love. Coupled with the expense of major medical bills, catastrophic injuries create major financial hardships.

The most important skill an attorney can have in handling a catastrophic injury case is the ability to fully convey to a judge or jury what it really means to lose the ability to take care of yourself, to take care of your loved ones, or to even recognize yourself in the mirror. Helping others see what these losses really mean is what we do for our clients.

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Examples of catastrophic injuries include:

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At Anderson Trial Lawyers, we understand the financial and emotional toll that catastrophic injuries have on a person. Our experience with these cases allows us to explain this impact to a judge or jury in order to provide security for the affected individual’s current and future needs.

While life may never be the same after a catastrophic injury, we do our best to ensure that your pain, suffering, lost wages, and health needs are fully accounted for. We have been serving the Eastern Connecticut community since 1967 — we have been there for your neighbors, and we’ll be there for you.